We purchased our condominium unit in Cambridge as a second home and engaged a team, consisting of a contractor, architect and interior designer, to gut the unit and design, rebuild and completely furnish it to our specifications and vision. One year later, upon completion, the result carried out our vision and exceeded our expectations. From our home 3000 miles away, we relied primarily on interior designer, Mary Jean Keany of Anamika Design, to work with the team and understand and monitor the work so that the result would be what we envisioned and hoped for.

Mary Jean was an integral part of the construction planning. She initiated and selected many of the design elements and worked compatibly with the architect and contractor to implement them. During a construction period of one year we met periodically with Mary Jean. She provided us with access to retail and wholesale suppliers, furniture stores, galleries and design studios in the greater Boston area. Mary Jean directed the selection, color and design of floor coverings, lighting fixtures, hardware, appliances, ceramic tile, counter tops and the kitchen in addition to all the furniture, wall art and furnishings.

She accompanied us to the Design Center and other showrooms and suppliers to see the range of selections available. Mary Jean is creative, selective, and knowledgeable with inherent good taste and was always sensitive to our desires and vision. She is also practical and aware of budget constraints. She worked diligently and efficiently on our behalf during our face-to-face meetings, as well as in our absence. Her work also included preparing spreadsheets of our selections and specifications for the contractor to use in ordering and installation. She also directly ordered furniture and furnishings with our approval and accounted for and followed up on the orders, deliveries and installation. In addition to all of the above, she designed and had some of the furnishings custom manufactured.

As a result of Mary Jean's hard work, abilities, creativeness, efficiency, and knowledge of available materials and sources and her smooth working relationships with us and the other team members we have a wonderful home that meets and exceeds our high expectations. We are very pleased and highly recommend Anamika Design and Mary Jean Keany.

--Barbara and Mat Loonin
La Jolla, California

I have worked with Mary Jean for over 12 years on a variety of projects that range from hospitality, residential, retail and restaurant work. Mary Jean brings a high level of professional care and detail to each project. She trusts her intuition to make beautiful interior spaces; she is a great listener and collaborator on any team. She has keen insight into each client's needs and tastes, as well as the uncanny ability to push them just enough to create amazing results!

--Stefanie Greenfield, AIA, LEED AP
Design Principal, Cambridge Seven Associates

It has been my good fortune to work with Mary Jean over the past few years. She has been an important asset to our organization. Mary Jean is self-motivated; focused; honest; assertive; personable; energetic; willing to tackle any task; caring; compassionate; self-directed; intelligent; creative and always willing to give 110%. She is a team player and great to work with.

--Peter Benanti Principal, TractorBeam LP

Mary Jean, I want to officially thank you for the great work that you have done for Cambridge Seven Associates on the various projects that we have collaborated on together. Your interior design efforts on the Brookline Marriott Courtyard and the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester in particular were outstanding. Your ability to transform each of these projects through your selections of color, carpet and furnishings has made these hospitality projects come to life for the owners and users alike.

Most importantly is your collaborative spirit that we, as architects, highly value. You bring a seamless integration of interior design with the architectural design in a way that makes the process effortless for all involved. You are a true team player and one who understands the complexities of design decision-making and the importance of owner/operator design input. Over and over again you have amazed us with your ability to assess a space or a design condition and find just the right solution that is agreeable to all parties and perfect for the space.

As always, I look forward to once again collaborating with you and your firm on any variety of project types here at C7A.

--Gary Johnson, AIA
Principal, Cambridge Seven Associates

It has been a privilege working with Mary Jean Keany for the past three years in her position as Benefit Chair for our not-for-profit institute, ResearchILD. Mary Jean has impressed all members of our Board of Directors and staff with her amazing creativity, energy, optimism, and superb problem-solving strategies. Mary Jean's strong leadership and organizational skills, as well as her ability to plan, prioritize and shift approaches, have inspired and motivated different committees to work under her direction. She has a unique ability to visualize and design complex spaces and to shift flexibly from the broad themes to the details. I strongly recommend Mary Jean whose vision, creativity, dedication, and focus will be assets to all organizations she works with.

--Dr. Lynn Meltzer,
President, Research Institute for Learning and Development (ResearchILD)